About the Hans Neuffer Foundation


The Hans Neuffer Foundation was founded in 1956 by the German Medical Association as an unincorporated foundation under civil law. The supervisory authority is based in Stuttgart. The foundation is named for the longtime president and honorary president of the German Medical Assembly, Prof. Dr. med. Hans Neuffer, a physician and theologian who also served as president of the State Chamber of Physicians of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Through his commitment, he made an outstanding contribution to the reconstruction of the professional association of physicians and to improving public regard for the medical profession following World War II. His primary objective for the foundation was to restore the global reputation of the German medical profession. To this end, the foundation was, at the time, exclusively dedicated to promoting international exchange of opinions and experience among physicians. The foundation continues to devote its efforts to this goal today. In 1977, the foundation was converted to an incorporated foundation under civil law and expanded its long-established role.


The Hans Neuffer Foundation now focuses its support on three priorities which are recognised for their charitable status:


  1. Advance international exchange of opinions and experience between German physicians and their foreign counterparts and increase awareness of other healthcare systems, along with clinical and operational health facilities worldwide.
  2. Provide support for continuing medical education and specialty training in all segments of the health sector by organising and financing continuing medical education congresses, lectures and corresponding publications.
  3. Promote health policy and socio-political research projects focused on preventative, curative and rehabilitative medicine, as well as scientific quality standards for healthcare services in EC and WHO member states.   


The foundation has traditionally maintained close ties with the medical profession. It promotes projects which complement the health and professional policy work of the German Medical Association and the German State Chambers of Physicians and which provide a basis for accomplishing the tasks outlined in the bylaws and for conceptual and operational activities.